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Incorporation of Companies

We are there to help you if you need a lawyer to establish a limited partnership (“bt.”), a limited company (“kft.”), a company limited by shares (“rt.”) or any other company, or to draft an articles of association.
The English-speaking solicitors of Littner Law Office are at your disposal if you need to amend the articles of incorporation of your existing firm, enterprise or company following a change in the scope of activities, the registered seat or plants or managers or if you wish to sell or buy a business share or the shares of a company or if you wish to transform, merge or demerge your existing company (a limited partnership, a limited company or a company limited by shares) or if you need to change the legal form of your company (e.g. from a limited partnership into a limited company).

Electronic company registration

Pursuant to recently amended legislation companies can be established within a matter of days. Under current legislation company documents are processed electronically, i.e. resolutions of the company court (e.g. the decree concerning the incorporation of the company) are issued electronically. In practice this means that the company court issues the resolution in an electronic message which can, however, be opened with a special software only. We have a copy of this software so we can convert the resolutions for our clients into an easily accessible document.

Companies established by foreign companies

Legal provisions have become more lenient also regarding companies established by companies registered in a foreign country.  As far as Hungarian companies established by companies registered in English‑, German- and French-speaking countries are concerned, Littner Law Office does not require an official translation of the incorporation documents of the founding foreign company. No official translation is required if, even though the founding company was not registered in an English-, German- or French-speaking country but the incorporation documents were drafted in English, German or French.
Pursuant to relevant law documents required for the establishment of a company shall be signed in the presence of the lawyer countersigning them. If you are abroad and cannot or would not come to Hungary to do so, your signature can be authenticated by the foreign consulate of Hungary in your country or the signed documents can be apostillized in line with the Hague Convention.