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Labour law

Our solicitors provide legal assistance if you, either as an employer or an employee, have any problems related to the termination of an employment relationship (ordinary notice, extraordinary notice, mutual agreement), holidays, severance pay or other labour law-related queries, need a legal representative in a labour court process or wish to employ a legal consultant during the drafting of an employment, training, or any other employment-related contract.

Termination of employment

The most frequent problems are caused by the termination of employment.
If you are an employee, you wish to be sure about the benefits (holiday compensation, severance pay, wages for the term of notice) you are entitled to and what conditions you may safely accept and sign in the event of the termination of your employment by mutual consent. After a termination by mutual consent has been signed it is very difficult to amend its terms and conditions or to contest the agreement at court.
If you are an employer, you should pay close attention to the following: employment is often terminated by mutual consent orally and the parties agree to arrange the paperwork later. If in the meantime the employee is informed by someone more experienced in legal matters that a termination of employment is only valid in writing, then the employee will often sue the employer for illegitimate termination of employment and will often stand a good chance of winning the case.
It is, therefore, advisable to seek legal advice prior to terminating an employment – irrespective of whether you are the employer or the employee – because legal errors made can rarely be rectified later.