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Civil law

Littner Lawyer’s Office provides legal assistance if you wish to have a commission contract, a works contract, a syndicate contract, a construction contract, a deposit contract, a consignment contract, a marriage settlement, a settlement of inheritance, or any other contract or a will drafted or amended.

High value contracts

We as private persons often plan to conclude high value contracts that, pursuant to relevant law, are not subject to the assistance of a lawyer or solicitor. Let us mention a works contract for the construction of a new house, a loan or a leasing contract (e.g. for the purchase of a car) or the contract involving an overseas holiday. We strongly advise that you should hire a legal advisor to review these contracts, too, to ensure adequate protection of your interests.

Marriage and inheritance settlements

Current legislation poses formal requirements for marriage and inheritance settlements and wills whose omission renders such documents null and void. Considering the fact that these documents, as a rule, pertain to valuable properties, there is no point in taking risks here either. We are here to draft legally sound documents that fully reflect your needs and intentions.

Gifts and loans within the family

There are transactions even within the family for which it is a prudent and wise idea to hire a lawyer (solicitor). Let us mention a larger loan or parents wishing to give their child an apartment as a gift and want to avoid or reduce their tax and duty payment obligations.