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Dr. Littner Hungarian Lawyer

Dr. Littner Zsolt
Tel.: +36 1 316 9233
Address: Lövőház u. 20/A. 1024 Budapest Hungary

I am Dr. Zsolt Littner, the head of the Littner Attorney’s Office.

We made this homepage for You.

We understand that it is not the easiest of all tasks to choose an attorney’s office. Hereby we would like to explain the topics in which the Littner Attorney’s Office can help you.

Real Property Law

We provide legal assistance if you plan to purchase an apartment, a house, a residential building, a building plot, a retail outlet, or an industrial property and need a lawyer to draft the related contracts or if you require legal advice during the sale of your property. We also help if you need assistance in the rental or lease of a property.
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Incorporation of Companies

Our English-speaking solicitors provide legal assistance if you need a lawyer to establish a limited partnership (“bt.”), a limited company (“kft.”) or a company limited by shares (“rt.”) or any other company, or to draft the articles of association. Our lawyers take care of any amendment of the articles of association of your existing company following a change in the scope of activities, the registered seat, or plants or managers of the company.
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Civil Law

Littner Lawyer’s Office provides legal assistance if you wish to have a commission contract, a works contract, a syndicate contract, a construction contract, a deposit contract, a consignment contract, a marriage settlement, a hereditary settlement, or any other contract, or a will drafted or amended.
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Economic Law

We provide legal assistance if you wish to have a due diligence made of your own company or one that you intend to acquire or if you wish to have a business share purchase, a share purchase or a purchase option contract drafted.
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Non-paying Partners

Let us assist you if you are facing difficulties regarding an invoice issued to one of your business partners or if one of your invoices or part of it is unpaid, contested, or if your partner disappeared and cannot be contacted.
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Copyright Law

Our solicitors provide legal assistance if you have any queries related to copyright law, i.e. sheet music or recording publishing, or works made for the purposes of applied graphical design, advertisements or films, neighbouring rights or patents, trademarks of industrial design, or collective rights management.
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Labour Law

We provide legal assistance if you, either as an employer or an employee, have any problems related to the termination of an employment, holidays, severance pay or other labour law-related queries, need a legal representative in a labour court proceeding or wish to employ a legal consultant during the drafting of an employment, training, or any other employment-related contract.
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Legal representation

The barristers of the Littner Attorney’s Office provide legal assistance if you require legal representation, legal advice or any sort of legal intermediation in any court or out of court proceeding.
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Services for collectors of antiques

Contact our solicitors for help if you purchased a valuable painting, a statue or other antique at a Hungarian or foreign auction but have doubts concerning its authenticity or suspect that it is a fake.
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If you encounter problems or disputes regarding repairs or maintenance of veteran and old-timer cars or motocycles under warranty we are your reliable source of legal assistance. We stand at your disposal with our extensive pool of specialists.
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