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If you encounter problems or disputes regarding repairs or maintenance under warranty we are your reliable source of legal assistance. Our lawyers stand at your disposal with our extensive pool of specialists.

Importing of veteran and old-timer cars

Our solititors are here to help you if you have any problems or queries concerning the process of importing, release into road traffic or restoration of a veteran or old-timer vehicle.

Restoration of veteran cars and motorcycles

Owing to the reasonable prices and the comparatively high technical standards Hungarian specialists are often contracted for the restoration of foreign veteran cars and motorcycles. It is not enough, however, to agree orally on the price and the scope of works to be performed because this almost inevitably leads to disagreements and a deterioration of the relationship between the client and the contractor. Commencement of any work and the payment of a fee or advance money should be preceded by a detailed written contract. We suggest enclosing photographs of the vehicle and hiring an independent specialist to assess the original physical repair of the vehicle and also the quality of the restoration works.
To cut a long story short, contact us before contracting for the restoration job.