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This is how property sales are taxed, 18. November 2018 – Property sales are subject to personal income tax, unless you bought that property before 2013. Sales tax is payable if the property is sold at a higher price than it was bought. If the seller of the property or of an intangible asset (e.g. a usufruct) is a private person, then the earnings is subject to a 15 per cent personal income tax. The earnings equals the difference of the revenue and the deductible expenses. In the extreme fall where the expenses exceed the sales price, no tax shall be paid.

The following items qualify as revenue: the sales price, the market value of any items received in return for the property and the late payment interest paid by the buyer.

The following expenses can used to reduce the tax base: the price originally paid for the property, public dues paid in connection with the purchase, certain invoiced developments effected since the purchase that increase the value or conserve the physical repair of the property (e.g. the replacement of doors and windows, a heating system upgrade etc.), legal and consulting fees and the expenses related to the sale.