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Property and mortgage market data, 18.01 – More than a third of Budapest clients signed contracts for over HUF 20 million last year. Between September and December, for example, their share was 42%, which reflects an increase of 10 percentage points in 2021. The number of applications in this value range has increased steadily from quarter to quarter, to a lesser extent in the East and to a greater extent in the West. However, the HUF 10-15 million category remained the most popular throughout the year in both rural regions.

The majority of customers opted for a 20-year term: while in the country more than half of the applicants (52% and 54% in the East and in the West, respectively) went for this option, its share was 35% in Budapest. The second most popular choice was a term of 25 years, followed by the 10-year alternative. At the end of last year there were almost no mortgage applicants who had signed a mortgage for less than 5 years. The share of loans with fixed interest rates for at least 10 years showed an increasing trend throughout the year, ending at 87% in Budapest, 91% in the East and 80% in the West in 2021.