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Recent housing market data, Q2 2020, 05.11. – In Budapest, new flats can be bought for an average of HUF 40.3 million, HUF 2.5 million more than in 2019. The average square meter of an apartment increased from 687 thousand in 2019 to 784 thousand forints. In the county capitals of Western Transdanubia, where many new flats were sold, the average price of a new flat rose from HUF 24.4 million to HUF 27.4 million. In the smaller cities of the region the typical size of dwellings decreased, and, as a result, the average price per square meter increased from 375 thousand to 388 thousand forints, while the total average price remained unchanged. In the settlements around Lake Balaton the prices of new flats exceeded 600 thousand forints per square meter. Among the county capitals of the Great Plain, the unit price of new dwellings increased in Debrecen, which has a significant new housing market, from HUF 430 thousand to HUF 515 thousand in 2019, in Kecskemét from HUF 426 thousand to HUF 448 thousand, and in Nyíregyháza from HUF 359 thousand to HUF 378 thousand.

The price of new homes handed over in 2019-2020 was largely set in contracts concluded around 2018. For this reason, the price level of the new housing market presented here is lower than the typical asking prices of the given period and provides information only on the price development of the apartments actually handed over.

The average price per square meter in Budapest stagnated at HUF 643 thousand in the first quarter, then decreased to HUF 610 thousand in the second quarter.