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Property market records in 2020, 04.01 – The property market may have stalled in 2020 but the quickest sales still happened within a single day: in Budapest a 200 square metre detached house in District 22 was sold for HUF 38.9 million within 24 hours in May 2020. Another detached house with a floor space of 110 square metres and two bedrooms on a 1000 square metre plot in Hajdúböszörmény was also sold within a day. The priciest residential property of Hungary at the moment is a residential palace on Andrássy út: its 2000 square metre, luxurious living space is located on a 1000 square metre plot and it is on the market for HUF 6 billion. The most expensive concrete block apartment was sold not in Budapest but in Siófok at Lake Balaton: the 79 square metre property fetched HUF 74 million. The least expensive home on sale, a 60 square metre derelict clay house on a 600 sq. m. plot in Négyes, a small village County Borsod, was offered for sale for HUF 300. The cheapest apartment of 2020 is on the market in Salgótarján for HUF 600,000.