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Is it worth moving to the suburbs?, 31. January 2019 – A recent study showed that for the price of an apartment in an old-school condominium apartment or in a popular housing estate you can easily buy a detached house in the suburbs. Apart from the price the lush, green environment and the lower coverage of built-up areas have a strong appeal.

According to another study the unpleasant side-effects of commuting to and from work pose an unexpected burden on those moving to the suburbs. The results showed that people tend to overestimate the positive effects of the suburbs and underestimate the negative impact of commuting, which are probably very difficult to get used to. A German study even expressed these burdens in monetary figures: their calculation shows that 23 minutes of commuter traffic can only be compensated by a 19 per cent higher salary. Overall, they found that commuting is evidently a serious mental and physical difficulty and also a key source of stress for people.